Tuesday – 3.3

sandwich of the day – 

-Confit Plum Creek Chicken, Christmas Bean Hummus, Marinated Feta, Herbed Yogurt on Grilled Levain

-Squeaky Greens Organics Christmas Bean Hummus, Marinated Feta, Herbed Yogurt, with Grilled Carrots on Grilled Levain


- Curried Squash

what’s for dinner?

Burger Night! House Bacon, Cheddar, Steak Sauce Piedmontese Beef Burger OR Tapenade & Branched Oak Mozzarella Squeaky Greens 3 Bean Burger  with Herb Roasted Potato Wedges


-dinner of the day starts at 5pm

-sandwiches, snacks, soup, and salad available all day