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Kitchen Table – Central

Slow food fast

Real food made from scratch, using the best local ingredients possible.

Welcome to Kitchen Table Central, our new location in partnership with Film Streams at the Dundee Theater.

Updates from Kitchen table

Wednesday - 8.29

Private Event-doors closing at 5pm for 6pm event.

Let us know if you are interested in hosting a private event : )

ZAMA is tonight!

Here are the details: https://filmstreams.org/films/zama

There will be some pre-show food for those attending.

8.7 -Tuesday - We are excited to see you!!

There is a BEAUTIFUL cake…hurry, don’t want to miss this one – White Cake with Strawberry Rhubarb Filling!!

Friday - 7.27 Central Reunion Claass of 1973!!

Happy Weekend!! Plus looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Commons Area is reserved from 7-10pm tonight…food and movies still the same!!

7.26 Come Check Out Our New And Improved Happy Hour!!

Monday through Friday, 1pm-4pm…

Half off snacks, select draft beer & wine, and nitro cold brew coffee from Rally Coffee

7.22 - Come Celebrate Your Sunday!!

egg sandwich…house english muffin / over easy eggs / cheddar / grilled zucchini / sriracha mustard

3 egg omelette…sweet corn / basil / gran kinara / marinated tomato salad

KT breakfast plate…two eggs your way / house bacon / thick cut grilled bread

zucchini bread…maple butter

house english muffin…jam / cinnamon sugar butter

yogurt & granola…honey roasted rhubarb

Tuesday - 7.17 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

SOFRITO PIZZA SPECIAL- sweet corn / roasted bell pepper / grilled onions / havarti / cilantro

YUM – definitely need this…all the sweet corn

: )


Saturday - 7.14 - Excited to see you!!

Egg Sandwich on a Freshly Made English Muffin


Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel…now I’m hungry 🙂

Excited to see you!!

Tuesday - 7.3 - Excited to see you!!

Hey Friends! Just want to update you on our holiday schedule:


July 4 11am-8pm

July 5 and moving forward regular hours


July 4-7 – no service

July 8 – Excited to see you at Brunch!!

Thursday - 6.28 - We are excited to see you!!

Definitely a good day to check out the Summer Smash Pizza!

Monday - 6.25 - Excited to see you!

Soups today are Beefy Tortilla and Garlic Scape & Potato. Perfect day for some soup, some happy hour and then a film!

PS – check out the Adult Cherry Cola : )

Sunday - 6.24 - Come Celebrate Your Sunday

We are excited to see you!!

Tuesday - 6.19 - Excited to see you!!

Did you know we open at 11am M-F?!?!

Monday - 6.18 - We are excited to see you!!

New Menu Item Day!

The Grilled Zucchini Jam – Pesto Marinated Zucchini / Mozzarella / Hummus / Dukkah / Tomato Balsamic Jam / Toasted Levain

Monday - 6.4 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

There is one amazing Chocolate Brownie Cake with Gooey Salted Caramel Sauce & Roasted Peanuts…don’t want to miss this!

Monday - 5.28 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Moses is making some mean Ribs! Perfect day to spend time with loved ones at Central.

Friday - 5.25 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

White Lilac Cake is in the works…sooo good!

Monday - 5.21 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Miranda has come up with a vegan twist on The Asparagus Jam – replace havarti with smashed radishes – definitely check it out! Also, new Jon’s Naturals beef burger in the works…stay tuned!

Friday - May 18 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

It’s Friday! Time for some fun, ice cream and more! Fresh buns coming out of the oven soon and there is still a bit of White Lilac Cake left…not for long : )

Thursday -5.17- We are looking forward to seeing you!!

PANZANELLA is ready to go…so excited!

Wednesday - 5.16 - We are looking forward to seeing you!

The Asparagus Jam starts today!!!

Also, might be a great day for a Nitro Cold Brew…float!!!

Tuesday - 5.15 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Officially time for KALE SALAD!! Plus definitely swing in for one of the daily desserts : )

Sunday - 5.13.18

Come Celebrate Your Sunday and all Moms!!!

Special – $5 off Brunch combo with today’s movie ticket!!!

Wednesday - 5.2 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Come try a piece, or a half a piece, of Cassie’s beautiful harlequin cake! House-made ice cream available too!


Thursday - 4.26 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!


Roasted Red Pepper Chicken & Asiago Soup

Spicy Sweet Potato Ginger Soup

Pizza Bianco

Sunday - 4.22.18 - We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Breakfast Pizza!

Poppy Seed Bagels and more!!Brunch Menu CT

Tuesday - 4.10 - We are excited to see you!!

Ready to warm you up with some delicious soups!!!

-Sweet Potato Ginger (Vegan/GF)

-Chicken & Dumpling

…Pizza coming later : )

April 9, 2018

Ready to warm you up with some delicious soups!!!

-Sweet Potato Ginger (Vegan/GF)

-Chicken & Dumpling

March 1, 2018

Hello friends!

If you haven’t tried our new burger at Central, then you’re missing out! Piedmontese beef and house bacon ground together with pickled red onions, aioli, and aged cheddar on a house telera bun! For 10 bucks you won’t be disappointed!

Coming up on Saturday March 3rd will be a screening of West Side Story at Film Streams connected to us at 10am!

So stop on by, try that burger, get some movie snacks and check out a film while you’re there!

And as always, we look forward to seeing you!

February 8, 2018

Hi All!!

CT is hosting a private event this evening and will stop service at 7pm. TACO NIGHT DT if in the mood : )

Also – guess what – GREASE is the AM weekend movie…when was the last time you saw that on the big screen! “You’re the one that I want” to see “oooh oooh oohh honey”!

Thanks as always for your love & support!!!

February 6, 2018

Hello friends!

Central has been keeping busy the past few weeks! We have a new burger on the menu!

We also have had a lot of new amazing soups! Definitely stop by soon to try both out!

Coming up on the 9th are the Oscar Shorts at Film Streams, which we are so excited to be apart of!

Beer week has started and lucky for all of you, we have 8 different beers on tap 🙂 Stop by sometime this week and buy a glass!

Thanks for reading and for helping us get to where we are today! We love and appreciate you all!!



January 12, 2018


Online ordering is now available at Kitchen Table Central! Just click on the order pickup button at the top of the page and make sure you are on the Central menu, you can flip back and forth between locations at the bottom of the menu page, then go ahead and place your order and we will have it ready for you when you get here. This feature is not only for takeout orders. Save time if you’re headed to a movie by ordering ahead and we will have your food ready when you get here!

Delivery is coming soon.


We are looking forward to seeing you!!




Come visit us at Kitchen Table Central

Our new location is next to the renovated Dundee Theater.

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