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Kitchen Table – Central

Slow food fast

Real food made from scratch, using the best local ingredients possible.

Welcome to Kitchen Table Central, our new location in partnership with Film Streams at the Dundee Theater.

Updates from Kitchen table

12.13 - TODAY IS THE DAY! The three day mojo and herb brined pork shoulder has finally found it’s staple sandwich.

We’ve been running this delicious roasted pork on various sandwiches for about a month now, with plans for this sandwich.  We’ve had a Piggy Melt, Asian Pork, and a few other sandwich variations, always knowing the Cubano was the sandwich we wanted to incorporate into our final winter menu.

On a talera torpedo bun, with pickled vegetables, havarti, and a purpose built Radial IPA based potent, slightly-spicy brown mustard, our roasted pork Cubano hits the spot.  Come in and try one for only $9 regular price.


Come in between 11am and 4pm tomorrow, we’ll be giving these things away for $7 for our Dine-In customers!

12.11 - We’ve expanded our beer selection by adding some new cans, soon to be included in our Happy Hour, 1-4pm every weekday!

Joining the NBC Pils and Cardinal Pale Ale is NBC’s Wick for Brains Pumpkin Ale, and two beers from Lazy Horse – Sergeant Reckless IPA, and their delicious Salted Caramel Blonde!

11.20 - We are excited to see you!!

Dan made some pretty aaaawweeesome Maple Whiskey Ice Cream!!

Holiday Hours – Thursday – Beverage Special only (no food) starting at 12pm-until 8pmish

Friday – regular service!!

Thursday - 10.25 - We are excited to see you!!

Soup City!!

Tomato Curry (veggie)

Potato Cauliflower (vegan/gf)

Chorizo Chili

Tuesday - 10.23 - Excited to see you!!

World Series Opening Day Specials!

Roast Pork Sandwich~roasted delicata squash/braised greens/colby/smoked pear rosemary mustard

BBQ Wagyu Beef Dog~Grilled Dog/Mustard/Steak Sauce/Pickled Peppers/Onion Straws

$9 each or $11 with a 16oz Beer

Thursday - 10.18 - Excited to see you!!


Meaty Chili

Creamy Tomato

Hearty Vegetable

Wednesday - 10.17 - Excited to see you!!

If you love pork, you definitely want to get in on Christian’s Cubano! Mojo Roasted Pork Shoulder, Havarti, House Dill Pickles & Mustard!

Tuesday-10.9-We are excited to see you!!

Great day for a nice coffee, then a warm sandwich!

**CT will not be having service after 4:30 pm – there is a Private Event**

We’d love to see you at DT!! Regular service resumes tomorrow.

Have a great day!!

Come visit us at Kitchen Table Central

Our new location is next to the renovated Dundee Theater.

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