Brunchday – 3.19 – We are looking forward to seeing you…on the patio!!

Good Morning! Looking forward to seeing you! 9a-2:30p 

 Few things about Brunchday:

Thick Cut Toast with Cinnamon Butter & Apple Butter

Coffee Cake with Apple Butter – with or without House Bacon Crumble

Hot Brown Rice Cereal…House Nut Butter, Brown Sugar & Candied Peanuts

Brunch Burger: Piedmontese Beef Patty, Fried Egg, Hot Mustard & Greens on House Telera

Over The Top Grilled Cheese!

Yogurt & Granola…Roasted Beets & Basil

Mug – Veggie Chili

Fried Egg Sandwich…Asiago & Creamy Cilantro Salsa on Rosemary Focaccia (vegan option: available)

Grits…Red Russian Kale, Grilled First of the Season Green Onions & House Ricotta with a Poached Egg

Omelette…Red Chili Roasted Chicken, Cheddar & Creme Fraiche

Brioche French Toast…House Nut Butter, Candied Peanuts & Honey

Strata…Local Piedmontese Beef, Havarti & Marinara

Everything Bagel…Garlic & Herb Schmear & Pickled Onions

PS – only Brunch Menu available on Sunday

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